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Here's what some of our members are saying about us.

I am a homeschooling mom of two boys. We have homeschooled since 1994. Our youngest son was diagnosed with Dysgraphia about two years ago. Because I am his teacher, I knew how he learned and we adjusted our teaching to accommodate his learning style. His problem became evident during the summer of 2005 when he attended a summer program at a local high school. Knowing that I could not always be with him to explain how he learns, we went in search of a program to help him - help himself. Their self paced tutorials are excellent. He is able to write what he hears accurately. He is more self confident with his reading and writing skills. With the addition of the ACCEPT program I know his SAT scores will skyrocket. Sharion Johnson, Missouri City, TX

"I must tell you how much I've enjoyed learning Russian. The interactive design of the course and the order in which the material was presented was very good. I feel I was able to retain much more with the exercises, games, listening activities and tutorials . This course was also much superior to any other course I had taken. I'm looking forward to your next courses." Jordy B., New York, NY

"Six months ago I know no English. Now I talk to grandchildren in Chicago in English on telephone. I will study very hard to learn more English. I am travel to Chicago next year to see family. I wish very much to see America and talk to people there." Esmeralda V., La Paz, Bolivia

"I have learned many things. Before cannot speak English and now I can. . . know to read and speak English and history of America. . . . speak with teacher of my son in English. . . if I go to the doctor I can tell to the doctor that I have back pain, before I don't know how to say. When I go in a bus I know to ask for change. I speak on phone now but not before. . . . I have friends now .. . I did not try to talk before .... I am all set with English." Thank you, Angelina P. Cicero, IL

"The course is perfect for anyone who is good at learning at their own pace. I thought the course was fun and I learned more than I would just working in a textbook." Christina P., New Mexico, USA

"In my life I tried several different ways to learn languages- for example, I had a private teacher when I was a boy, I was learning language in school and university then, I joint small group seminars, I learned songs by heart, read books, and translated tons of scientific articles. Later on I lived in different countries. So I do really know how important is to learn foreign languages fast. That's why I like EN101. It offers the most innovative techniques to learn spoken languages. It's emotional like a game, it gives you a confidence like your private tutor. Moreover, EN101 gives you an advantage to learn from the convenience of your own home, or in travel or in business trip. "Thank you" and others feel happy with my advises." Alexander B., New York,

Here's what some of our members are saying about us. "I would recommend this to anyone as this is a good, sound course." Lima, Peru

"Unfortunately, my study is always squeezed between work travel and home life. I have not been successful in attending classes. This is the reason for taking your on-line courses." Chicago

"I find the variety of native-speaking voices are a useful and pleasing tool comprehension - especially the younger voices." Mexico

"I am sharing this with several friends and hope that they take your courses!" Columbia

"I have taken just one semester of English at a college here and really appreciate being able to come home and reinforce some of the basics I am learning in class. My English is so good now." Texas, USA

"I have tried one or two other courses online but yours wins hands down. I feel this is because you have structured the tasks so even someone like me can succeed. Confidence is gained immediately because after one chapter, I was able to put simple sentences together and speak them." Catherine D., UK

"I just returned from Japan and wanted to thank you very much.....Japan was absolutely wonderful and made even better because of your lessons. Everything from car rental, to shopping to dining out and making new friends was a snap!" Todd G., Canada

"My husband and I are going on a trip to Spain, so we thought we would try to learn some of the language before we go. My kids are learning Spanish in school, and they are having fun listening and reading over my shoulder!" Eva A., Miami, FL

"I had tried other expensive on-line English learning programs in the past with little results. They were so hard to use. EN101 is so easy that a child can use it. I know. My 5-year old is rapidly learning English." Maria P., San Salvador, El Salvador

"I have recommended this and will continue to do so. It is a marvelous program and such value for money too." Germany

Women of Sevastopol

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